What is Adobe?

Question: What does ADOBE mean or stand for?

Answer: Adobe soil has clay and sand in such proportions that when mixed into mud then dried out it forms a brick or a wall. An adobe brick is made of adobe soil and is sun cured on the ground. Adobe mortar may have more clay than plaster, floors or bricks. It sticks adobe bricks together to create a wall. Adobe plaster is that which uses clay as the primary binder. An adobe floor may be made of adobe bricks laid flat on a dirt, sand, or gravel base. Joints may be filled with adobe mortar, cement grout, sand or nothing. Adobe floors are more often made by pouring adobe mud over the base in one thick or several thin layers to give a monolithic floor somewhat like concrete. An Adobe home is made of adobe bricks or monolithic adobe walls. Adobe stands forever if it has a good foundation and a good roof and has occupants who give it a bit of periodic maintenance.